About Ambleside

The Ambleside Schools International is an organization that created the learning method based in the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason. The Ambleside focus is to promote a living education and make it accessible to everyone.

The living education is useful because it doesn’t focus only on providing technical instructions for the children. They learn more than just “how to do”, they learn “how to live”. So that, we promote the understanding of relationships with others, with God and with themselves.

For the best profit of scholar life of the children, the Ambleside learning method doesn’t center attention on training students but also on training teachers and parents. (1) train teachers with the goal of supporting their students to explore the maximum of their potential. (2) train parents with the goal of giving support for their children in life growth.

The Ambleside learning method was created under the philosophical and educational approach of the educator and thinker Charlotte Mason.

Charlotte Mason

She was born in 1842 and died in 1923. During her life she became educator, author and thinker. Her ideas created deep socio and cultural changes in England and in the world.

She was the pioneer in the creation of social and intellectual movement. Owner of a powerful mind as a result of great dedication to reading and thinking. Her ideas contributed to the growth of scientific research related to education.

She stablished theories which became tested in thousands of English schools between the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries.

After she passed my suffering seasons (she was orphan since her early age), she dedicated herself to help teachers to explore the best of themselves and therefore the best of their students.

Charlotte Mason was known by her sympathy and her incredible skill to bring out the potential of people she met. Is used to say that when Mason talked with someone, that one was raised to the level of Mason. And once it happens that one never went back to the previous level.