Admission Requirements


Policy Information and Declaration

Acceptance of any child at Beira United Christian Academy (the School) is a decision of the Beira United Christian Academy trustees and faculty. Acceptance is based on the compatibility of the school, the parents, and the child. Beira United Christian Academy reserves the right to determine proper grade placement.

Receipt of the Admission form by Beira United Christian Academy does not guarantee enrolment or admission to the school. The School reserves the right to verify all information supplied therein, to acquire a credit reference, and to obtain references from your child’s current or past schools. The admissions process will include an assessment for placement of your child and an interview with the parent(s), before a place may be offered. If successful, a contract between the School and the parents will then be entered into.

Parents or guardians must furnish accurate and complete information regarding a student’s special learning issues, emotional stability, or physical limitations during the application process. With such accurate information our staff can carefully and prayerfully evaluate how effectively the School can meet the needs of each student. Currently we do not have a program dedicated to the needs of learning disabled or physically handicapped students. However, a student with these types of needs is not automatically denied admission.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

Beira United Christian Academy admits students of any race, colour, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school, and does not discriminate in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and financial aid programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

Responsibilities of the School:

  • As a Non Profit Company, the School exists to achieve a public benefit object, and its income and property may not be distributed to its members or directors. All the assets and income of the School are therefore used to advance its objectives.
  • As a private educational institution, the School has the right to impart its religious convictions to its students, and may refuse to promote, teach or practice any religious or other conviction other than its own. As the School was established to be a Christian school, based on the teachings of the Bible, it provides education informed by a biblical, Christian worldview. Its philosophy of education affects all its activities, including curriculum, methodology, policies, relationships, mission and vision.
  • The School follows the curriculum of Ambleside Schools International, adapted where appropriate or necessary to the scope and sequence of the Mozambican Department of Education.
  • On the School premises the Director or his appointed Representative acts in loco parentis (including consent to medical treatment). In an emergency, the exact nature of this phrase will be at the discretion of the Director, or his Representative, who will consult with parents wherever possible.
  • The School has School Rules, including regulations, policies and codes of conduct, to govern the relationship between the School and its staff, parents and pupils. The School is responsible to ensure that School Rules are fairly applied. In exercising this responsibility, the School may carry out disciplinary action, which action may extend to suspension and expulsion.
  • The School reserves the right to verify all information supplied herein and to obtain a credit profile and payment history of the applicants.

Responsibilities of Parents and/or Guardians:

  • In order to take up an offer of a place for a child, Parents must sign a formal contract with the School and pay the required enrolment deposit, school fees and activity fee.
  • Parents are expected to inform themselves of the School’s ethos, policies, rules, codes of conduct and other expectations so as to maintain a co-operative, supportive relationship with the School.
  • Parents may not withhold permission for children to participate in the School’s educational curriculum, including extra-mural programs, sporting and cultural events, community service and religious activities.
  • If there are any changes in a family’s circumstances which may affect a child’s physical, emotional or psychological wellbeing while at School, Parents should inform the School timeously.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s punctual and regular attendance.
  • Parents shall provide their children with the appropriate school uniform in good, clean condition.
  • Parents will ensure that personal belongings are marked with their child’s name.
  • Parents will provide packed lunch for their children in accordance with the school’s policy.
  • At least one Parent is expected to attend parent-teacher meetings and interviews.
  • Parents are encouraged to support all school events
  • Parents cannot opt out of their responsibilities, even if they receive assistance from other parties. If financial or other support is withdrawn, so that they are unable to fulfil the expectations outlined above, they must secure support elsewhere, or withdraw their children from the School.

Admission Process


The Student Application of Admission Form must be completed and signed by the parents/guardian, and student.  A non-refundable application fee (administration and assessment fee) of 5,000.00 meticais is payable on submitting this application. The application fee payable for each sibling is 4,000.00 meticais each.


A testing appointment will be scheduled after the application has been received.  The examination fee per student is included in the application fee. Each applicant is required to take an entrance examination.


Parents/guardians musread the following:    

□  the Beira United Guiding Principles and Charter, and the Parent/Student Handbook

It is strongly suggested that parents/guardians read the following:   

□  For the Children’s Sake, by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay or Charlotte Mason Reviewed by J King.


After submission of the application form and fee, a personal interview with the Director of the School and/or School Board members will be arranged.


The following form, included in this Student Application, are to be completed, signed, and submitted by you to your child’s current school:

1) Teacher/Administrator Reference Report


After above formalities, and acceptance, the parents and Beira United Christian Academy signs a contract and pay the fees. Thereafter the child can attend lessons.

Documents needed for Student Application of Admission

  1. Application for Admission Form; including completed Parents Questionnaire, signed Pupil’s Code of Conduct, and signed Policy Information and Declaration. 
  2. Birth certificate or ID document or passport or DIRE  (certified copy);
  3. Parent’s/guardian’s ID documents or passports of DIREs (certified copies);
  4. Recent passport size photo of the applicant;
  5. Immunization record & any relevant medical/professional therapists’ reports;
  6. Most recent report card / progress report from current school;
  7. Teacher/Administrator Reference Report (filled in by current school).