Code of Conduct

Pupil’s Code of Conduct
– The way we want to be

Our teachers expect us to:

  • be kind, considerate, helpful and friendly to everyone
  • say hello politely to visitors
  • walk, not run, in corridors and let the grown-ups pass by
  • do our best in everything we do, including our homework
  • obey the rules for whatever we’re doing or wearing or playing
  • own up when we do something bad or make a mistake
  • encourage others to do what is right
  • use words to build others up and show we love them and God
  • speak respectfully about religious beliefs, cultures, opinions and choices that are different from our own.

Adult’s Code of Personal Conduct

Adult example has a profound effect on the formation of the hearts of children. Thus, all members of Beira United Christian Academy community, parents, teachers, staff and students are expected to maintain a standard of personal conduct consistent with the teachings of Jesus on virtue and the relational life. All members of the Beira United Christian Academy community are expected to:

  • Demonstrate consistent care for all persons, treating all with kindness, respect, and generosity; never engaging in any behaviour (including verbal) which would be damaging, disrespectful or demeaning of another person, child or adult.
  • Be diligent in fulfilling all tasks related to one’s responsibilities, maintaining a high quality of work, honesty and integrity.
  • Be careful and gracious in speech, avoiding any profane speech and never making a public statement (in any medium, including e-mail) regarding the school or any member of the Beira United Christian Academy community which can be considered injurious to the reputation of another person or the school.
  • Handle all concerns and grievances in a constructive manner.
  • Avoid all illegal activities including illegal drug use, theft, vandalism and fraudulent activity.
  • Avoid activities destructive to relationships such as outbursts of rage, violence, stealing, lying or cheating.
  • Be moderate and appropriate in the consumption of alcohol.
  • Protect the dignity of human sexuality and the virtue of chastity
    • By avoiding all forms of lewd speech including base jokes, sexual innuendo, and inappropriate sexually explicit talk.
    • By never viewing, possessing, distributing or fostering the use of pornographic material including but not limited to print, video and audio.
    • By never advocating or participating in immoral sexual activity (defined as any form of touching or nudity for the purpose of evoking sexual arousal apart from the context of marriage between one man and one woman).
    • By never engaging in any physical contact or verbal expression with another person (adult or child) which could be interpreted as being an inappropriate display of affection and thus emotionally abusive, confusing or scandalous.

We are not allowed to:

  • miss any classes or sports without permission

  • ignore or disobey our parents, teachers or other staff members
  • mess up or break things, neither on purpose nor by being careless
  • borrow or use or take things that don’t belong to us without asking
  • tell lies or cheat or let people think things that aren’t true
  • use swear words or make rude signs
  • exclude some people by speaking a language they don’t understand
  • play rough games that hurt others on purpose
  • tease or bully anyone, by hurting them (hitting, pinching, pulling hair or kicking) or calling them an unkind name, or making fun of them
  • go into “out of bounds” areas unless we’re with a teacher
  • keep a cell phone with us during the school day
  • bring any toys, or ugly, evil, rude or violent books or pictures to school
  • bring cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, fireworks, dangerous objects or weapons to school