Prepare their future in an international curriculum with classes taught in Portuguese and English, activities that stimulate the child's total development and solid Christian principles.


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    We train children to know and love the art of learning, rather than just purposeless school.

    WHAT WE DO? 

    • We use a highly recognized curriculum from Ambleside Schools International.
    • We promote relationships with God and with others.
    • We offer educational activities and recreation
    • We teach learning techniques
    • We teach in two languages (Portuguese and English)
    • We offer a well-equipped, learning-friendly school environment
    • We create a non-competitive and stimulating atmosphere.
    • We give personal support to the child during the teaching process

    WHY WE DO??

    • So that our students can have a living education that aims for development at all levels of personal life.
    • For students grow spiritually as well as emotionally
    • So students can discover and refine their inner potential and natural talents to the fullest
    • So that students not only come to school, but really love the art of learning
    • So that students know both languages and are qualified and aligned with curriculum practiced abroad.
    • To encourage students to receive the knowledge they need to prepare for their future.
    • For students to learn early on the need for cooperation and good team life through mutual help actions
    • In order for us to evaluate the student's degree of growth, because more important than technical skills, it is important to us what the student is becoming as a person.

    Investing in quality education for your child is giving them the best gift in the world. Book your place now!

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